Eramold IML Plastic Injection Molding Production

Why Choose In Mold Labeling (IML) ?

The labels on the product are very important for the sale and appeal of plastic products. High-quality labeling allows products to get more sales. In addition, a quality label or design ensures that the product becomes more durable and extends its lifespan. The better and more attractive the design of plastic products and the label on it, the more the product convinces people to buy. Research in modern psychology has proven that most people buy a product by looking at the labeling and design on the product. In other words, the more quality and striking the label of the product, the more interesting the design, the higher the sales. For this reason, the in-mold labeling method is mostly preferred by the manufacturers as it produces high quality designs and labels for the products of the brands and also makes the labeling at the most affordable cost. It offers a variety of decoration options. It has rapid design changes by making use of multi-color printing and lithography printing methods and produces higher quality products that do not wear out during use.

The in-mold labeling method greatly enhances the appearance of the products. By offering eye-catching and impressive designs, it makes the product more attractive. In addition, since both the label and the product are created together, they naturally come into contact with each other, resulting in a more permanent and long-lasting label.

In-mold labeling (IML) has a shorter production time as it produces and decorates at the same time, thus reducing the production cost. The combination of two jobs in this production also reduces costs by preventing the accumulation and storage of empty containers for labeling in production.

Mold production for in-mold labeling requires a lot of expertise and high capital. However, the expertise and high cost in mold manufacturing largely prevents theft of the design. Different methods in plate design, flim printing, and label creation make it nearly impossible to replicate.

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