Eramold IML Plastic Injection Molding Production

Who We Are?


All of our molds have been designed to be highly durable. However, after millions of product cycle, even the most sophisticated molds may have problems. We offer a comprehensive service to extend the life of our molds and, most importantly, to prevent unexpected manufacturing interruptions. This service includes the maintenance of the molds provided from the third parties. We ensure fast delivery of the components ready to assemble, and we can also examine and repair your tools on site. You may consider us as the insurance against the interruptions during the manufacturing.

  • Life-long guarantee of spare parts for our molds
  • Guaranteed renewal during maintenance


Our knowledge serves almost like a library, and our molds deriving from engineering norms and customer demands have high performance and high precision. 



All molds at the phase of sales are mounted to our high-speed injection machines and tested. Suitability of the molds to the project, leak test, strength and measurement controls are conducted and they are delivered to the customer. 



When putting our molds into operation, we improve functionality and ensure economic efficiency by training your personnel on site at a level to provide sustainability at maximum level. 



All of our molds have been designed to be durable. Our team is ready to deliver comprehensive service and maintenance to increase the life of your molds. 

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