Eramold IML Plastic Injection Mold Production

Who We Are?
Who We Are?

Quality Is In Our DNA!

Established in 2008, our company expanded its investments in 2012 and focused on thin-wall IML plastic injection molding in plastic packaging. Exporting 50% of its manufacturing, our Company has started to distinguish itself in plastic packaging industry increasingly with its projects since 2015. Using injection molding machine, our company designs joint projects with IML Robot companies, and can monitor the whole project as turn-key in accor... Detail


High Performance

Maximum Speed And High Precision

What We Do?

Plastic Injection Molds for Your Specific Preferences

We produce molds for many countries!

Eramold Kalıp combines its export experience of 14 years with customer expectations, and meets the customer needs and expectations with a professional management process. We manage the innovative and solution-oriented processes for more than 60 customers in more than 20 countries. We manufacture molds for all food packaging such as Yoghurt Buckets, Ice Cream Bowls, Plastic Packaging, Halwa Boxes etc. and deliver them to our customers across the world...


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