Производство пластиковых форм для литья под давлением Eramold


Weighing on manufacturing injection molds for food industry, our company has grown and broadened its experience by investing in cutting-edge CAD/CAM design opportunities, high-precision machining centers, technology and human resources. Manufacturing high-quality plastic injection molds, ERAMOLD has a strong, experienced staff and machinery. 

ERAMOLD uses machining centers with cutting-edge technology to enhance machining precision, reduce machining period and ensure earlier deadline. Molds are designed and manufactured according to the product information obtained from our customers or formed within our entity. Before starting to design the mold, all data is collected for its design.
All information such as purpose of use, manufacturing performance, injection machine that will be used etc. is collected and analyses of quality, process and customer conditions and analyses at engineering standards are conducted. A prototype product is printed by a 3D printer to provide the opportunity to view the solid model. In case of a specific manufacturing for a customer, mold design process of the project is started upon the approval of the product. 

The molds are manufactured in high-precision CNC machines with the design power deriving from the rich knowledge of years. Whereas machines deal with precision machining to a great extend, mission of experienced engineers and staff comes to the center stage when making the mold, exercising and during final processes. Precision and tolerances of our molds are continuously monitored with high-precision and high-technology measurement and control equipment. 

The molds we manufacture are mounted to our high-speed injection machines of 100 to 700 tonnes and tested. Suitability of the test samples to the project, leak test, strength and measurement controls are conducted. In case of a customer-specific manufacturing, test samples and results are assessed with the customer, and revisions are made, if any, and the mold is delivered to the customer. Apart from manufacturing, we also offer repair and maintenance services for the molds that the customer bought from third parties. 




Our knowledge serves almost like a library, and our molds deriving from engineering norms and customer demands have high performance and high precision. 



All molds at the phase of sales are mounted to our high-speed injection machines and tested. Suitability of the molds to the project, leak test, strength and measurement controls are conducted and they are delivered to the customer. 



When putting our molds into operation, we improve functionality and ensure economic efficiency by training your personnel on site at a level to provide sustainability at maximum level. 



All of our molds have been designed to be durable. Our team is ready to deliver comprehensive service and maintenance to increase the life of your molds. 

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